Single & Dual Long Range Radio Appliance


Product Overview

The Rhino Labs network wireless infrastructure endpoint unit is ultra-high performance, low power embedded appliance based on Cavium Octeon III processor and its sub system.  The unit sports a boot device, on board DDR3 memory, and GE for data and mini PCIe for long range WiFi.

The unit primary target use is for enterprise, network infrastructure equipment. The unit comes with fully supported board support package, and includes u-boot and Linux.

Rhino Health Monitor (RHM) is a unique onboard Health Monitoring tool providing continuous monitoring of CPU cores, board peripherals, and host processor via heartbeats, voltage, and temperature

Key Benefits

Rhino’s Health Management (RHM) Tool

Rhino Labs proprietary onboard circuitry and logic providing programmable board and CPU Health Monitoring and Failure Management to ensure optimal network operation and availability

Low Cost

Ultra-high performance appliance at affordable cost

Cavium OCTEON III 71xx Processor

The OCTEON III 71xx family of single to quad-core MIPS64 processors target SMB and entry-level Enterprise platforms. The processors provide unparalleled performance in the low power and low price categories


Pocket-size Form Factor

Smallest commercial form factors

Made in the U.S.A

Rhino products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Santa Clara, California

Low Power

Designed to provide optimal performance at low power. A silent fan less appliance

Integrated Wireless Option

Integrated long and short range wireless


Cavium’s OCTEON III— 71xx @1.0GMhz
4 Cores of MIPS64

8GB of DDR3

HW Accelerators for packet processing, content inspection, and a Crypto engine to accelerates SSL, IPsec, and CCMP protocols. 1/2 GE ports

2x SATA connectors

USB3.0 host & OTG, One RS232 via RJ-45, and 20-pin JTAG

U-Boot from Rhino Labs
Linux SDK / OpenWRT

5(W) x 1.5(D) x 1.22(H) Inches


Rhino U-boot
Linux SDK / Open WRT

Block Diagram

Long and Short Range Radio APP


Product Ordering

Please contact Rhino Labs for further information