Enterprise-grade Networking Appliance

Product Overview

Rhino’s newly introduced SDNA (software defined network appliance) family of products is a unique enterprise-grade appliance able to perform multiple applications within a small form factor at low power and low cost. The SDNA-7890 appliance is ideal for high performance enterprise grade product providing all-inclusive networking, security and storage based solutions. Typical application including: next generation firewall, intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus (AV) and anti-spam, VPN tunneling, content filtering, load balancing, data leak prevention, smart Wi-Fi access point, and remote network visibility and management.

Rhino Networking Appliances are based on the best-in-class, Cavium OCTEON® III 7890 processors, integrating 48 cores and providing unparalleled performance in the low power and low price categories

The unit incorporates the Rhino Health Monitoring (RHM) utility, providing continuous monitoring of CPU cores, board peripherals, and host processor via heartbeats, voltage, and temperature checkpoints.