Whether you’re interested in configuring one of our standard products or looking into building your product from the ground up, the Rhino team provides you a one-stop solution for all your hardware needs


Rhino Labs excels at providing efficient solutions for complex and demanding embedded system design requirements. Rhino Labs specializes in addressing unique design challenges such as power, thermal, space, and environment.

Our engineers will take the most demanding requirements and architect a solution to meet specific customer needs.

Rhino Labs has in depth expertise and extensive experience in system integration, logic design, software programming, and hardware layout and design.

Depending on the requirements, Rhino Labs can leverage its existing product line to save development time and cut costs. We can customize and tailor our standard products to customer-specific needs to gain efficiencies in performance and applicability.

Rhino Labs expert team of hardware and software engineers can also design and develop solutions for challenging embedded applications from block diagram to fully certified products.

  • Systems architecture
  • Engineering specification
  • FPGA and MCU requirements definition
  • Firmware, device driver, RTOS integration
  • Board design and layout
  • Protocol stack development
  • Board support packages
  • OS porting


Rhino Labs offers a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with proven capabilities to build, test, and ship units from prototypes to large quantities. Rhino Labs implements a comprehensive workflow matrix utilizing New Product Introduction (NPI) concepts that tightly couple the design and manufacturing processes. Rhino Labs is built around this matrix whereby engineering and operations work closely together from concept and architecture to prototype and production. Rhino Labs has also invested in the best-in class ERP and PDM tools to manage and monitor the entire manufacturing process ensuring high-yield and quality control while keeping costs down

Materials Management

Working closely with major supply chain partners enables Rhino Labs to achieve competitive costs throughout all NPI processes. Rhino Labs ensures the procurement of all components at well-negotiated bulk volume prices while initiating just-in-time concepts for reduced inventory costs and quick turnaround.

Fabrication & Assembly

Rhino Labs offers a full range of contract manufacturing tailored to customer needs including value-added services such as lead-free manufacturing (ROHS), offshore sourcing and full supply chain management.


Rhino Labs implements the latest technology and test processes available for customer specific requirements accommodating both high volume and prototype quantities. Rhino Labs utilizes various test methods from flying probe to full ATE testers and is capable of testing and qualifying to military grade standards with full HALT/HASS processes.


Rhino possesses a very dedicated, customer-oriented, support team with a high level of technical skill to address your hardware and software concerns.