Value Proposition

One-stop Solution For Your NETWORKING Needs

We design, test, manufacture and ship OEM / ODM boards, providing a one-stop solution for your hardware requirements

Cavium Experts

Our modules and designs are primarily based on Cavium chipsets. Years of experience delivering best-in-class embedded solutions based on Cavium processors allow us to continually raise the bar by offering solutions and features never seen before


Best-in-class PRODUCTS

We are a premier design house with vast experience developing bestin-
class embedded solutions from concept level to a fully certified product


Agile, Experienced and Laser Focused Team

Our Team is committed to understanding your application and will work closely with you to architect a solution that meets your most demanding requirements


Rapid Time to Market

Forgo countless hours of hardware design by simply integrating one of our fully functional and tested designs or by having our experienced engineers design your solution from the gowned up


Made in the USA

Based in the heart of the Silicon valley, we design and manufacture our product in the U.S.A