Visibility Appliance 6335 Quad 1GE

Enterprise-grade Visibility Network Appliance

Product Overview

Rhino Labs’ Network Visibility Appliance allows users to easily deploy an intelligent tap system at low cost.  The appliance incorporates a network processor sub system and a DPLL unit. The appliance is capable of sending test traffic via test ports and intercepting the traffic on predetermined time intervals. The appliance runs Linux SDK and openWRT

Rhino Health Monitor (RHM) is a unique onboard Health Monitoring tool providing continuous monitoring of CPU cores, board peripherals, and host processor via heartbeats, voltage, and temperature checkpoints

Key Benefits

Rhino’s Health Management (RHM) Tool

Proprietary onboard circuitry and logic providing programmable board and CPU Health Monitoring and Failure Management to ensure optimal network operation and availability

Low Cost

Enterprise-grade appliance at affordable cost. Ideal for residential and small and midsize business networks

Cavium OCTEON Processor

Cavium OCTEON family of Multi-Core MIPS64 processors is the industry’s most scalable, highest-performance, and lowest-power solution for intelligent networking applications ranging from 100Mbps to 100Gbps


Small Form factor

Highest performance appliances with the most compatible form factor commercially available

Made in The U.S.A

Rhino products are designed and manufactured locally at our facility in the Silicon Valley, California


  • 6 cores of MIPS64@1.3GHz
  • Dual banks of onboard 4/8/16 GB DDR3 with ECC memory
  • Onboard interfaces:
    • Quad 1GE copper ports
    • One USB2.0 host
    • One RS232 port via RJ45
    • 1xGE management port
  • Mechanical Size: 4.2”x7.2”
  • Supports IEEE1588v2 / SyncE DPLL with dual footprint for stratum 3E OCXO or  stratum 3 TCXO reference 
  • Supports PPS input and output, locked to GPS or PTP is provided
  • Board works with 48V input (meets U.S and EU telecom requirements)
  • Clocking for entire sub-system meets Stratum 3E requirements
  • Supports Cisco type terminal port
  • Rhino Health Management (RHM) tool:
    • Continuous monitoring of CPU cores, board peripherals, and host processor via heartbeats, voltage, and temperature checkpoints
    • Programmatic health alerts and failure points
    • Hold-on power (up to 150msec) feature for failure response and Onboard Failure Logging (OBFL)


Rhino U-boot
Linux SDK

Block Diagram

Visibility App


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